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Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar or Georadar has been widely-used in different applications as a tool for non-destructive subsurface probing. GPR transmits electromagnetic waves into the subsurface and receives the reflect signal to detect and locate any object residing in the subsurface. RCS GPR system consist of low-, medium-, and high-frequency antennas and pulse generators to support various GPR applications requiring different resolutions and penetration depths. RCS GPR system is enhanced with advanced signal processing software to enable production of high-quality subsurface images.

GPR Service RCS can offer

RCS offers GPR services in various applications, such as utility detection and localization (e.g. buries cables and pipes), road inspection, concrete examination (e.g. dam walls, masonry, etc.), geological prospecting, soil structure examination, underground pipeline construction, groundwater exploration, and exploration of near-surface mines (e.g. bauxite, cooper, iron, coal, etc.).The offered services include :

 1. GPR surveys

The area or surface under investigation is scanned along a prescribed grid of lines to analyze tehe subsurface. The scan results are used to detect and locate any objects, fractures, voids, or layers residing in the subsurface.

2. Data Processing and interpretation

to obtain high-quality images of the scanned subsurface, processing of measured data is performed, which includes clutter reduction, background subtraction and data migration. Interpretation of the resulting subsurface images is done by RCS's specialized engineers and geophysicists to carry out targets identification.

3. Subsurface Mapping

The results of data processing and interpretation are complied to construct a 3-D map of the subsurface as the final result delivered to the client



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Vessels Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS-247) is an integrated VTMIS solution which is developed in conformity with IMO/IALA. Based on a modular architecture, this system can integrate wide range of sensors in a single comprehensive display.

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SOLUSI247 is an integrated Information Communication Technology (ICT) company, which established on August, 2000. The name of 247 represents a 24 hour 7 day. It signifies the Company commitment to deliver a total solution to the customer with up-to-date technology and fast information delivery.

At the beginning SOLUSI247 simply provided ORACLE RDBMS consultancy and built ORACLE tools and technology base for all kinds of industry and market. As a matter of fact, the technology continued to grow and turn narrower to telecommunication industry and RADAR systems.

After several years of service, most of major Telecommunication Enterprises in Indonesia become SOLUSI247 costumers such as TELKOM, TELKOMSEL, EXCELCOM, INDOSAT, BAKRIE TELECOM, AXIS (NTS).

Today SOLUSI247 is recognized as a highly qualified total solution provider that helps Company improve their business with innovative technologies and IT management practices that drive efficiency and top line growth.

In order to utilize advance technology behind the solutions, SOLUSI247 was setup partnership with ORACLE, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, IBM, IRI-Cosort and other world class IT Vendors.

Today many of SOLUSI247 solutions was build base on best and latest technology, for instance in Data warehouse (DB2, Oracle 10g, Greenplum), Business Intelligence (Oracle BI, Cognos, Business Object), ETL implementation (Datastage, Kettle), Telco BSS and OSS using Oracle PL/SQL, Java, C, Cosort.

With commitment to community development and corporate technology, the company gearing up another year of continued progress, excellent performance and accelerating momentum of entering Initial Public Offering (IPO).

In line of our rapid growth, we are looking for most hardworking candidates to join us for the following positions: 

Technical Writer (DOC)

  • Female, single, max 27 years old
  • D3/S1 Computer Science, System Information,
  •  Excellent English is a must
  •  Have basic knowledge in documentation
  •  Min. 1 year experience in similar position

Java Programmer

  • Male / Female

  • D3 / S1 Computer Science

  • Proficient in English

  • Must have solid analytical and problem-solving skills,

          time-management skills are also essential

  • Have experience using Java mobile

  • Have knowledge in :

Operating System : LINUX

Database : Oracle, My SQL

PL/SQL Programmer

  • Male / Female

  • D3 / S1 Informatics Engineerings, Computer Science

  • Freshgraduate or last semester at university are welcome

  • Have knowledge in :

Operating System : LINUX

Database : Oracle, My SQL

Programming : PL / SQL , HTML 5

  • Can work under minimum supervision

  • Hard working with good attitude, good interpersonal skills, self motivated, discipline

Support Surveillance (OPS)

  • Male

  • Computer Science fresh graduate / final semester student

  • Technical skill: Basic Linux Command

    Basic Logic Sripting

    Basic SQL Command

    Basic Logic Database

  • Willing to work the night shift

  • Willing to work on holiday

  • Can work under minimum supervision

  • Self starter

 Applicants should submit their application letters with resume, references and recent photograph to:


PT. Dua Empat Tujuh

Segitiga Emas Business Park

Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 6

Jakarta Selatan 12940

or e-mail :

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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The aim of this one-day intensive course is to give an introductory overview on the fundamentals, theory and practice of present and future atmospheric/weather radar system. in particular, system which were built by the International Research Centre for Telecommunications and Radar ( IRCTR) at the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, are selected for in-depth discussion during the course. In Indonesia these systems are offered for local development and production based on knowledge transfer via IRCTR- Indonesia (IRCTR-I).

Course Presenter

Professor Leo P. Ligthart Dr.H.C., PH.D., M.Sc., FIEE, FIET

Leo P. Ligthart was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on September 15, 1946. He received an Engineer's degree (cum laude) and  a Doctor of Technology degree from Delt University of Technology in 1969 and 1985, respectively. He is Fellow if IET and IEEE, and member of the IEEE AESS Board of Governors 2013-2015. He received Doctorates (honoris causa) at Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation in 1999, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics in 2001 and the Military Technical Academy Bucharest in 2010. He is academician of the Russian Academy of transport.

In 1988 he was appointed as professor on Radar Positioning and Navigation, and since 1992 he has held the chair of Microwave Transmiddion, Radar and Remote sensing in the Departement of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Delft University of Technology. In 1994, he founded the International Research Center for Telecommunications and Radar ( IRCTR) and became the director of IRCTR. He received several awards from Veder, IET, MIKOM, EuMA and others.

At present he is guest professor at Bandung Institute of Technology and University of Indonesia, scientific councils and consultant for companies.Prof. Ligthart's principal areas of specialization include antennas and propagation, radar and remote sensing, but he has also been active in satellite, mobile and radio communications. He has published over 600 papers and 2 books.

Program (5 hours)


  • Radar Fundamentals
  • Atmospheric Remote Sensing
  • Fundamentals of Atmospheric Radar
  • Fundamentals of Doppler-Polarimetric Radar


  • Doppler-Polarimetric Radar (TARA)
  • Drizzle Radar (IDRA)
  • High Resolution Agile Radar ( PARSAX)

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