CeBIT 2016: The Event and 247 Products

Menawarkan acara IT dan program konferensi untuk para profesional, CeBIT mendefinisikan tren TI terkini, menghadirkan topik oleh pembicara berkaliber tinggi dan diskusi panel depan, dan menampilkan inovasi produk dari seluruh dunia.


Di event yang diselenggarakan mulai tanggal 14 dan berakhir pada tanggal 18 Maret 2016 kemarin, Solusi247 ikut berpartisipasi sebagai exhibitor di Konferensi Teknologi CeBIT 2016 dengan memamerkan produk Braja dan Yava.

Perwakilan yang dikirim ke German untuk mengikuti Konferensi Teknologi CeBIT 2016 dari Solusi247 adalah bpk. Ir. Solechoel Arifin, MSc.EE dan bpk. Ir. Joko Suyono, MSc.EE.

Solusi247 berada dikawasan :

Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia/Dua Empat Tujuh,
Deutsche Messe – Hall 003 B01
Hannover – Germany





Why Using Braja ?

Braja Big Data Appliance is an integrated Big Data solution aims to facilitate and accelerate Big Data adoption in an organization. It is designed to fulfill the need in processing large and complex data in which common data processing application is insufficient. By integrating a variety of Big Data framework and components into a single product, Braja is the affordable and highly scalable Big Data infrastructure for your business.

  • Reliable

Built on Apache Hadoop, with a simple but powerful architecture designed specifically for data reliability in case of disk, node or network errors and failures. It’s designed to scale up from single server to thousands of machines, each delivering local computation and storage.

  • Integrated Systems

Braja is a complete Hadoop Big Data platform with low total cost of ownership. It combines hardware and the comprehensive Yava Hadoop data platform into a fully intergrated and ready to use system, enables you to focus more on your business, not the technology behind it.

  • Fast Support

With a deep experience and know how in implementation and maintenance big data clusters and data warehouse systems, Braja solution and support ensures the delivery of a smoothly operational and running system with maximum application performance.

Braja Products

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power level

Velocity Level

velocity level

Pilot Level

pilot level

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Yava Hadoop is a 100% open source compilation of Big Data platform that use of the power of Apache Hadoop ecosystem and designed to help accelerate the adoption of Hadoop implementation and its ecosystem in Indonesia.

With the support from YARN cluster management, Yava provides a wide range of data access and processing capabilities: batch, streaming, interactive and real time in a single cluster.


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