an internet of things (IoT) devices which enables marine online digital scaling system that support fishing port digitalization

NESANTARA is build in order to increase safety rating of Indonesian Fisherman by tracking the latest position of the fisherman itself. NESANTARA can prevent a Catastrophic Accident and saving a life from losing life by missing in the open sea. The name "NESANTARA" itself came from Nelayan Nusantara, which means Indonesian Fisherman in Bahasa Indonesia. NESANTARA was the latest development of WAKATOBI AIS, an AIS Transmitter developed in wakatobi by PT. Dua Empat Tujuh.

What Make Us Different

AIS class B with SART
Equipped with bluetooth to connect mobile apps and custom SOS message
Compact design and can installed easily
Mobile apps for monitoring, transaction, and weather prediction
Web-based for Syahbandar Monitoring System


  • Power Transmit 2 Watt.
  • Equipped with external GPS antenna connector
  • Equipped with buzzer for alert/ warning situation
  • Water and dust resistant with IP55 standard
  • Rechargeable battery and can be operated for 5 days (SART mode) and 7 days (AIS mode).
  • Support reconciliation of fishing location.

Mobile Apps Screenshot

NESANTARA is an class B Automatic Identification System Transmitter equipped with Search and Rescue transmitter that Build for Fisherman, especially Indonesian Fisherman. Nesantara AIS transmitter can transmit an Emergency signal if the Fisherman are in emergency condition, so another ship can locate The exact location and come to rescue. Nesantara AIS also equipped with Bluetooth, so AIS can connect And operated in your smartphone.


Component Technical Specification
VHF Transmitter Operating Frequency :
  • Channel 1, 161.975 MHz
  • Channel 2, 162.025 MHz
Data Rate : 9600 bps
Bandwidth : 25 kHz
Power Output : 2 Watt EIRP
AIS Message :
  • Static and Dynamic Data
  • Dynamic Reports
  • SRM
Modulation : GMSK (CSTDMA)
Receiver Sensitivity : -110 dBm
GPS Receiver Receiving Channels : min 48 channels
Velocity Accuracy : 0.05 m/s
Heading Accuracy : 0.3 degrees
Update rate : 5 Hz
Sensitivity : -160 dBm
Frequency : 1575.42 MHz
Environmental Operating Temperature : -20 ˚C - 50 ˚C
Water and dust resistant
Interface Wireless : BLE
Wire :
  • Input : Tag ID
  • Output : Optional
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