Hadoop is an open-source software framework for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware. It provides massive storage for any type of data, enormous processing power and the ability to handle virtually limitless concurrent tasks or jobs. . Hadoop implements a computational paradigm called MapReduce, where the applications are grouped into a number of small fragments of work to process and generate large data sets. Furthermore, it provides a distributed file system (HDFS) that stores data on computer nodes. Both MapReduce and HDFS are designed so sophisticatedly that possible node failures are automatically handled by the framework. Solusi247 offers a solution called the HGrid247 Workflow Designer, which is a GUI tool that can help the user easily design workflows by using a drag-and-drop interface. HGrid247 automatically generates the MapReduce code which can be executed in a Hadoop cluster. In this way, the user does not need a high competence of Java code.

According to a study performed by Gartner, 70% of traditional data warehouses are performance- and capacity-constrained. HGrid247 enables the user to easily extract, prepare, and analyze large datasets, and harness that information to create a true business advantage. The easy drag-and-drop interface and integrated tools will help you offload your data warehouse into Hadoop, making it possible to fully maximize your business potential.

Lambda Architecture Support provides robust and reliable solutions for various use cases. Streaming process support enables you to implement real-time Hadoop and utilize the benefits for a true competitive advantage.

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