Solusi247 is committed to continue developing excellent products and services for our clients and contribute to society. That's why our research teams is working hard in evaluating and developing advance and current technologies in big data and its application.

Data Mining and Machine Learning

in addition to developing an ongoing basis to the area of data processing and data preparation, Solusi247 also developing tools in the area of data analytics. Tools were developed based on open source technology, Hadoop and Apache Spark and integrating it into our development tools. We are conducting trials using popular algorithms are often used to perform Clustering, Classification and Recommendation.

Big Data for Genomic

Over the years genome have been studied and mapped. The breakthrough in genomics was the Human Genome Project in early 2000. But a deep understanding of how human genes work requires in-depth research and large computing resources. Big Data is the right technology for the field of genetics because "genes are all about information". Simple genomic mapping requires hundreds of Gigabyte of data, sequencing multiple genomes and tracking gene interactions multiplies require tens of times larger, even hundreds of terabytes for some cases.
Solusi247 in collaboration with the University of Al Azhar Indonesia and Gadjah Mada University has started research in the area of sequence alignment using Hadoop.

Big Data for Geospatial

Geospatial problems in big data will refer to the inadequacy of storage and data access in the current systems. With the introduction of technologies such as Hadoop, big data makes data storage and computing becomes cheaper. Affordable infrastructure means so many data processing and application can be built for geospatial data. Solusi247 with Indonesian Geospatial Information Agency has been conducting research to develop Hadoop technology in the geospatial field.